A MongoDB inspired ES6 Map() query language.

This is currently a WIP; do NOT use in production yet! See TODO for more information.

Browser Support

ES6 supported browsers:

<script src="./dist/MapQL.es6.js"></script>
<!-- MapQL() WITH chain() support (es6) -->
<script src="./dist/MapQL.es6.chainable.js"></script>

ES5 (babel transpiled):

<script src="./dist/MapQL.es5.js"></script>
<!-- MapQL() WITH chain() support (es6) -->
<script src="./dist/MapQL.es5.chainable.js"></script>

You can use unpkg to retrieve dist files.



You can test with node.js via npm test.


For local browser testing with karma run npm run-script local or karma start tests/local.karma.js to run tests with PhantomJS and/or any browsers you have access to.

Sauce Labs:

See karma-sauce-launcher and sauce.karma.js.

# See more about Open Source testing at
$ export SAUCE_USERNAME=*****       # Your Sauce Labs username.
$ export SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY=*****     # Your Sauce Labs access key.
$ karma start tests/sauce.karma.js  # npm run-script sauce

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